It's Decision 2089: Episode 8: The Venutian Candidate

September 6th, 2008
Leggy comedienne Sara Schaefer guest stars as Spacewoman Schaefer, a politician who's in the fight of her life to become the next President of Space. Who stands in her way? Two co-captains and a lady computer. Who's ready to be pandered to?
This episode also employs the voice talents of Elliott Kalan, as the alien reporter and our very own DanMcCoy.
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You've waited impatiently, now it's here: Episode 7: Hairy Situation

May 26th, 2008
We lost a captain: Something happened to Captain Adam in Episode 6: Beauty. We gained a captain: Some guy named Captain Matt has mysteriously taken his place. But there's no time to ponder these imponderables (don't worry, we'll answer these questions in a future episode), because the Captains are in grave danger! A mysterious green gas has engulfed the ship with unexpected consequences. Plus, two mysteriously sexy visitors suddenly appear. Are they dangerous, are they aliens, do they want to mate with the Captains? I know two Captains who are hoping the answer to the last question is "yes, please".
This episode features sexy space ladies Stefanie Estes and Amy McAndrew, and the compositions of musical powerhouse Keith Burgun of Dinosaur Lightning.
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Big Surprise! Episode 6: Beauty

August 11th, 2007
It's been a long time since the last episode. Too long. I agree. But hey, now you have another episode to watch, so is it really worth whining about now? Think about it.
This episode features cameos by the masterminds behind East Village Radio's Fist City, Elliott Kalan and Brock Mahan. Special thanks to friend of the show Brad Bergbom who did an amazing job as our first guest director.
The big surprise alluded to in the title? You'll have to watch to find out what it is. Subscribe via iTunes, download it, or watch it below. have at it.

Episode 5: Proms Away, Lands (finally)

September 26th, 2006
Grueling pre-production. Difficult production. Impossible post-production. These phrases define episode 5 of Captains In Space, which finally premieres. Here's another phrase that defines this episode: deeply satisfying. It's written by and guest stars Captains voice and scribe Dan McCoy. Subscribe via iTunes, or watch it below. If you like downloading files, have at it.

SpaceMonkeyMafia, we salute you!

September 7th, 2006
LiveJournal bon vivant SpaceMonkeyMafia has created a series of user icons to share with fellow LiveJournal journalers. For inspiration she used some of her favorite films and TV series, including Superman Returns, Men In Black, Back to the Future, Hackers, Battlestar Galactica, and a little video podcast called Captains In Space (!!).

SpaceMonkeyMafia, we are honored that you enjoy our effort enough to quote us and will work hard to continue providing you and our millions of viewers with new and exciting episodes. Captain Fed wrote you a personal email thanking you, but did not get a response. No doubt your spam filter could not believe that Captain Fed would take the time to write to one in the teeming mass of fans and regarded it as a fake.
By the way...Episode 5: Proms Away, should be out soon.

Captains Update: Why the long absence

September 7th, 2006
Dear Honorary Otto-5 Crew Members:
Captain Fed and Captain Adam have been away for a while. A long while. Too long. Why so long? Well, I had some very difficult personal issues to deal with. And, no, as many of you wrote to suggest, it was not because Captain Adam kept getting into my bunk late at night to snuggle, though that was upsetting in its own right. Let's just say that with my personal tragedy behind me, I can get back to what I do every day: trying to motivate Captain Adam to stop hitting on girls long enough to shoot another episode.
-Captain Fed

Episode 4: Future Shock, Arrives (From the Future!)

May 26th, 2006
The latest Captains In Space adventure has landed. It's written by Dan McCoy and stars Andrea Rosen, as our first off-ship visitor. Subscribe via iTunes, or watch it below. If you like downloading files, have at it.

Motivational Fan Art

May 22nd, 2006
A fan of Captains In Space, Dan McCoy, created this motivational-style poster of Frankie with the Captains. We're not sure what we are supposed to be motivated to do, but we like it anyway. Did I mention that Dan is a writer for Captains and will be guest starring in an upcoming episode? I'm sure I did. Build your own with the Motivator.

Captain's Blog on MySpace from Space

May 20th, 2006
If you're one of the millions of MySpace users, check out Captain Fed's MySpace page. His blog discusses life on the OTTO-5, the utility of coffee and the fact that Captain Adam is a jerknut. In the coming weeks and months he'll be posting more pictures of his adventures in space.

See Captains "Live"!

May 4th, 2006
Every Thursday in May you'll have a chance to watch the first 3 episodes of Captains In Space with other real people, as opposed to alone in your parent's basement (by the way, they're turning the basement into a den, so...). The screenings are part of Manhattan Comedy Collective's Big Bang, every Thursday night at the Gene Frankel Theatre, 24 Bond Street at Lafayette. The show starts at 7:00pm, with the Captains screening at 7:15pm. Your $10 ticket gets you a drink and allows you to stay all night and sample all of the Big Bang's acts.

Super Special Bonus: Captain Fed and Captains writer/performer Dan McCoy will be on hand for the May 4th and May 11th screenings to talk with all the adoring fans. So come ready to adore!

"Who stole my cupcakes?!"

April 29th, 2006
You'll discover the answer to that tantalizing question in Episode 3 of Captains In Space: Double. To view it, subscribe via iTunes. If you're already a subscriber, you should see the episode appear when you update. You can also download it, or watch the YouTube version here:

Episode 2, "Advice" is out!

March 30th, 2006
The wait's over: The second episode of Captains In Space, "Advice" is out. The best way to view it is by subscribing to Captains In Space in iTunes. If you're not a subscriber yet, search for "captains" in iTunes (it's the first item under Podcasts), or use our iTunes RSS Feed link.

If you don't want to use iTunes, we have links for other podcatcher applications on the side panel, or as always, you can also watch the YouTube version below.

iTunes sez "I love 'Captains in Space'!"

March 20th, 2006
...Is what the Captains would report if iTunes were a person and actually said anything about loving "Captains In Space". What we can report, without danger of libel or accusations of not making any sense is that our little video podcast is now officially searchable on iTunes. Searching for "captains" will return our listing as the first under podcasts. If you haven't already subscribed to "Captains" via iTunes, we ask that you do. It will raise our profile on the site and help us get on the "New and Notable" podcast list, an honor Captain Adam insists we richly deserve. Then again, Captain Adam insists he richly deserves being honored for his devastatingly good looks.

"Captains in Space" is GO!

March 17th, 2006
Captain Fed nearly killed himself to bring you this information: The first episode of Captains In Space, "In the Mood...For Fun" is available for consumption! Download the episode or subscribe to the RSS Feed via iTunes or your favorite podcatcher application (check out the helpful links on the side panel). You can also watch the YouTube version below.

"Captains in Space" in post-production!

February 16th, 2006
The cast and crew of Captains braved a snowy weekend to shoot the first 4 episodes of the series. Now comes the hard part of editing all that footage. We're still aiming for an early March release of the first episode. Check back (often) to see if it's come out. 'Cause if you miss it, we'll never show it again. "Really?" you ask. "No, not really" we answer. Here's a production still taken by Sarah Sloboda from the first day of shooting.

"Captains in Space" in pre-production!

February 6th, 2006
Captains has been in preproduction for a couple months now. Adam built the cockpit control panel prop, Dan, Devon and I wrote numerous episodes, the first of which we are shooting on the 11th and 12th. We also cast the part of Frankie (Vedette Lim), and the part of Future Adam in "Future Shock" (Andrea Rosen). With some luck, we'll have Captains episode one, "In the mood...for fun" out by early March.