Sara Schaefer

Spacewoman Schaefer
Sara Schaefer writes, performs, and produces comedy in New York City. Currently she writes for - and previously was the host of AOL / Spinner’s on-line video show, The DL. She was a featured performer at the 2007 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado. She also hosted Video Gaga at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, a stage show revolving around funny music videos. Recently she ended a two-year run of her fake late night talk show, Sara Schaefer is Obsessed With You, for which she won an ECNY Award for Best Host of a Variety Show, and was featured on the New York Posts Hot List (hello, because she’s HOT). Backstage Magazine featured Sara as one of their 10 Standout Standups for 2005. Her television appearances include Vh1s Best Week Ever and E! Networks Rise of the Geeks.

Matt Koff

Captain Matt

Comedy monolith Matt Koff is a writer-performer living in Brooklyn, New York. He has written for JibJab, 11211 Magazine, and Davie and the Ranches Magazine. He has performed sketch comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, the PIT, and CBGB's. He co-stars as Professor Nougat in the hilarious short film, Tim Warner: A Life in the Clouds. He can be seen performing improvisation at the Magnet Theater. Visit his website at

Matt enjoys playing Scrabble, hiking, and the occasional margarita. And if you cook him something, he will eat it, no questions asked. Seriously: anything.

Elliott Kalan

Various roles
Elliott Kalan is a comedian/comedy-writer currently working as an associate segment producer at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He writes a weekly topical humor column for Metro and hosts a monthly talk show/one man show, The New Kalan Show, as well as writing and performing as one half of the sketch duo The Hypocrites. He has written "about five screenplays that will never be filmed," and most recently co-produced the "gay cowboy" montage that ran during the 2006 Academy Awards..

Stefanie Estes

Space Girlfriend #1
Stefanie is a NY-based actress who had previous experience with space-based acting. You have seen her on stage and on television in a variety of rolls. Check our her website and her reel on YouTube.

Amy McAndrew

Space Girlfriend #2
Besides traveling Space, Amy has performed in TV, film and theatre most recently in the NYC premiere of Evil Dead: The Musical. In her spare time, she enjoys long leisurely walks with her husband, knitting, and staring into the moon for answers to life's most difficult questions. She decided a move to L.A. might help her do just that. She's still staring.

Vedette Lim

Vedette always knew that her "sexy onboard computer" acting class would come in handy one day (big thanks to the folks at NYU)! Apart from Captains, she has worked on independent features, shorts, voiceover projects and performs regularly in theatre productions.

Daniel McCoy

Robo Dan, Various Voices
Dan McCoy was a writer/ cast member for the stage talk show "Sara Schaefer is Obsessed With You" (Back Stage Best Bet 2005, ECNY Winner, Time Out Pick, NY Post Hot List), and for the variety stage show "The Primetime Kalan," hosted by Daily Show segment producer Elliott Kalan. He was also a regular contributor to NYC's late, lamented humor magazine, Jest. Dan's sketches have been heard on the Seattle public radio program Rewind, and NPR's Morning Edition, and his work has appeared online on Modern Humorist and Gawker. He trained in improv at The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater, and has also done some poorly-attended "legitimate" theater. These days you can hear him (and his co-hosts) babble on about bad movies via his podcast The Flop House.

Adam Walden

Captain Adam
Adam is the other co-creator of Captains. He's thrilled to be working on the series, especially because he almost failed out of space captain school the first time through.

Federico Hatoum

Captain Fed
Fed is co-creator of Captains, a filmmaker, writer, actor and software developer (what really pays the bills). You can check out his films and TV appearances on his personal website, and his top-rated Spanish-language podcast about Apple products at Fed's other There's additional bio information on the Captains writers page.

Lindsay Joy

Lindsay is a regular in the NYC comedy scene, regularly appearing in Saturday Night Rewritten and performances by Manhattan Comedy Collective.

Rick Murphy

Kirk (you know, the lawn guy)
Rick Murphy was born on the mean streets of Massachusetts on a cold October evening many many days ago. Don't ask which streets,trust him they were mean. He began his comedy career in junior high when he discovered the equation (funny=ladies). Many suspensions and innumerable after school detentions later, he's still doing it for the female race. He's studied at the Upright Citizens Brigade,The PIT and at the famed Boomerang Comedy Club in Haiti. He was also a member of the internationally known improv troupe ESTO. He likes to audition(and occasionally star in) commercials and films and was upset when his agent "made" him shave his mustache. Think Tom Selleck circa 1982 minus the tight Magnum P.I. shorts. It worked.

His heroes include Bill Murray,Owen Wilson,Sean Penn(Very funny), and Erik Estrada. His favorite color is green and he loves eating chicken,in any form, baked, fried, grilled, boiled, shredded, just give him some chicken. He lives on Avenue C with his handsome feline companion Hendrix and a spotted owl named Raoul. If you want to know more approach him after a show and offer him some chicken and a green T-shirt.