Daniel McCoy

Dan McCoy was a writer/ cast member for the stage talk show "Sara Schaefer is Obsessed With You" (Back Stage Best Bet 2005, ECNY Winner, Time Out Pick, NY Post Hot List), and for the variety stage show "The Primetime Kalan," hosted by Daily Show segment producer Elliott Kalan. He was also a regular contributor to NYC's late, lamented humor magazine, Jest. Dan's sketches have been heard on the Seattle public radio program Rewind, and NPR's Morning Edition, and his work has appeared online on Modern Humorist and Gawker. He trained in improv at The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater, and has also done some poorly-attended "legitimate" theater. These days you can hear him (and his co-hosts) babble on about bad movies via his podcast The Flop House.

Matt Koff

Comedy monolith Matt Koff is a writer-performer living in Brooklyn, New York. He has written for JibJab, 11211 Magazine, and Davie and the Ranches Magazine. He has performed sketch comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, the PIT, and CBGB's. He co-stars as Professor Nougat in the hilarious short film, Tim Warner: A Life in the Clouds. He can be seen performing improvisation at the Magnet Theater. Visit his website at mattkoff.com.

Matt enjoys playing Scrabble, hiking, and the occasional margarita. And if you cook him something, he will eat it, no questions asked. Seriously: anything.

Federico Hatoum

Federico has been performing and writing comedy for at least 3 months. He trained at Carnegie Mellon's Scotch 'n' Soda theatre, at the American Comedy Institute*, Armando Diaz Studios, and at The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater. Whenever possible, Federico writes and performs for Saturday Night Rewritten, though only if he's 100% sure that Dan McCoy won't be there (long story). He is an award-winning filmmaker whose films have been screened in festivals around the world and on HBO's Real Sex. Through judicious sleeping around, he has appeared in television commercials, and on MTV's House of Style. You can also hear him speaking in Spanish about Apple products on puromac, his top-rated podcast. During the day, he's an application developer, and is happy to answer any and all arcane computer questions you may have. Federico lives in Brooklyn with his girlfriend, who is substantially neater than he.
(* real institute)

Devon T. Colman

Writing bios is hard. You have to figure out, first, if you're going to write it in the first person, which I don't like, because it's too personal or the third person, which I don't like because it's dishonest. I mean, you clearly know I'm writing my own bio.

So, to get some inspiration, I watched The Biography Channel. And City Confidential was on. What? City Confidential is a great show, but it's no biography. That really gets me, when cable channels do that. You know, MTV is Music Television, but they only show videos at, like, 4 AM. A & E is Arts & Entertainment, however, Crossing Jordan scarcely fits either. And FX is Fox Xylaphone, but when was the last time you saw a fox playing a Xylaphone on that network? Not since The Shield premiered.

Webmaster's note: This goes on for 34 single spaced pages. So, let me tell you. Devon T. Coleman is the boy half of the boy/girl comedy duo Fowned Upon. He lives in NYC. Those two sentences do not appear on any of the 34 pages he sent us.