Keith Burgun

When Songwriter/Composer Keith Burgun isn't writing music, he's playing video games or eating delicious snacks. Sometimes he is doing both at the same time (preferred). He attended Purchase College for a whole bunch of years, probably at least six of them (years). He now is a music and visual arts teacher, living in Westchester, NY, and playing with his band, Dinosaur Lightning. Check out his website, (awesome).

Brad Bergbom

Brad is a professional film and television sound man. As a director, he brings a fresh eye to Captains. On Beauty, he even worked as a special effects technician, creating the core of the comet and helping to shoot it.

Joe Rye

Camera/Lighting ("Proms Away")
Joe is one half of the duo The Brothers Rye.

Separated at birth, The Brothers Rye reunited a score and some years later to find their lives had taken similar and unremarkable paths. Both champions for mediocrity, they decided to write one and one-half not-especially good feature screenplays, Lucid and Kill me a Murder. They succeeded.

In 2004, Curt won 3rd place in a contest for a 92.5 The River commercial in Boston (note: with no help from Chad Gordon). That accomplished, he moved on to shooting various video productions with his brother, Joe, including an infomercial for an adult internet website. In their tradition of being less than impressive they wrote, shot and edited in 24 hours the short film, Glue, for which they won third place and (accidentally) best direction at the NYC Midnight Run competition. They followed that with the short screenplays Stray Babies and Walking Still which garnered them the moderate third runner-up award at the NYC Midnight Run 24 Screenplay Competition. To their utter surprise and delight the Beastie Boys hand picked the Brothers Rye's "Shake Your Rump" music video as the winner of the No Sleep Till Sundance Contest. Currently, The Brothers Rye are looking into the next contest they can enter.

Winston Johnson

3D Modeling
A fine artist who expresses himself in all three dimensions.

Winston has a background as a comic book illustrator, book and magazine graphic artist, commissioned painter, and more recently--a web designer, and broadcast animations artist.

"Most of my design concepts are made when I am in motion, usually riding the subway between Queens and Manhattan."

Sarah Sloboda

Camera/Lighting ("In the Mood...for Fun", "Advice", "Double", "Future Shock")
Sarah is a fantastic photographer and friend. She helped us with screen tests and in production. She is available to shoot your headshots, portraits and whatever you need. I own one of her prints. It's fabulous. Check out her website: